Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My State of the Union Address.

My resolve has been tested many times, but I still believe we live in the best country in the world. Our Country offers many opportunities, for those who are willing to work hard.  History teaches us that this adversity we see in our government, is no different, than any other time in our history. In 300 years western civilization has come so far, at a large costs, but think about the excitement we have seen in just this Country we call home. I am reminded of what we can accomplish when I look at our past.

In a little over the last 100 years, we have seen the vast majority of our citizens climb from the pit of poverty, we have developed an integrated transportation, and communication network, and we have created a middle class that is able to raise their children limited by only imagination, and a desire to work hard. I think of families living in the late 1800’s and I wonder; could I have been an innovator, an entrepreneur, or even a homeowner? Could I have raised my daughter to attend a State University, put my wife through college, or experienced vacations and found myself in the position to pay for the well being of loved ones?

Technology offers us unlimited learning opportunities. Twenty one year's ago my wife and I made the decision to stop paying the cable bill and turn off the TV. Today we still subscribe to the simple philosophy that we should continue educating ourselves, and research for the truth. Work hard and do things to the best of our ability.  When I see a show on TV I see things most don’t. I see the subliminal message, I see the degradation of the father figure, and I see that lack of respect.  I see the violence, and how our youth becomes numb to it.

My Grandfather Harold Roach, just celebrated his 94th Birthday last week.

It is said that our Grandparents are the greatest generation, and I believe this to be true, therefore should we not aspire to live in the same manner? Refuse to buy into the partisan and dividing policies of the two party systems. One need only study history to see how backward and hypocritical it has become.  This is nothing new, its situation normal for the United States, and we still have the power if we are willing to exercise it. Be the change. Not tomorrow, or next week, but today. Don't wait for government. Lead your government in the manner you see fit.

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